Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Connected #sol16

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Yesterday morning I dropped my middle M off at school with a duffle bag, sleeping bag, and pillow, gave him an extra hug (or five!), and said, "See you Wednesday!" He was off on his 4th grade trip to Coloma, CA to learn about the Gold Rush in an Outdoor School setting. 

Now, as a teacher I have always been a bit shocked by some parents' hesitation in allowing their children to attend this type of opportunity. I went on trips as a child, and I have happily sent my children on any trips available as they've been growing up. They are wonderful learning and growing opportunities for them and I know my son will benefit in many ways from this experience.

I trust completely in the program staff, school staff, and chaperones that attend. I have no issue not being able to talk to my kids, check in with them, or anything else. I want them to focus on their experience, immerse themselves in the learning and fun, and not worry about home or family. I appreciate that students are not permitted to bring electronics, phones, etc. to ensure they stay focused on their reason for being there.

At the same time, I am LOVING our connected world right now!! Parents & Teachers are posting photos and updates, and without interrupting or distracting M from his experience, we get to watch his experience from afar. Clearly, we don't know everything and I still can't wait to hear all of the details when he comes home, but in the meantime our family is happy to see glimpses into what he's up to. Big brother is remembering his trip to this camp a few years ago; little sister is already wanting to go on this trip when her turn comes in a few years. 

Thank you connectivity...M is panning for gold in the Gold Rush, but these pictures & posts are gold to us...