Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Slice of Life Tuesday: A Slice of Writing and Project Life


As I embark on a new quest of my writing life, I sit and think "I don't know what to write,"...across the room, my 9 year old bemoans, "I don't know what to say!"

It's project night...my favorite. Even more, his favorite! Projects are not popular in my house. We all have a tendency to procrastinate. Add in this is a project for my 9 year old. My "I hate to write!"; my "I don't know what to say!"; my crying, whining, "I can't think..." writer.

So, as I sit here writing the second post on my new blog and my very first slice of life, my second born is tapping his pencil, staring at the title slide of his presentation not knowing where to begin.

Sadly, I have not been a practicing writer for many years. I've wanted to get a blog up and running for years, and recently I've been repeatedly blessed and inspired with the revelation that writing teachers need to be writers (much more on this later!). So, I am beginning to write. I have begun my blog. I have begun to slice!

But even more instrumental in the push to get me writing is this boy, the one who has written nothing the entire time I have written this post! He needs to see me writing. I need to experience the stuck and struggle he experiences so I can better empathize and help him. He needs to know that I will struggle with him...I will think with him...I will write with him.


  1. Welcome to slicing! This will be an adventure in writing and reading. You are so right, your child needs to see that writing is work and there is struggle, even for adults. Great first slice!

  2. I'm delighted you're joining us for the SOLSC! It's going to be a great month. Hopefully it'll be a life-changing experience for you, which will positively impact your students.


  3. Thank you for sharing your struggles. My 12 year old says all the same things - empathy is not always easy but I have learned the hard way that shouting "JUST WRITE **SOMETHING**!!!!!" is not helpful. Not even a little bit.