Saturday, March 26, 2016


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For those of you following along, you know that last Saturday my middle son & I took a cake decorating class to encourage & expand my son's interest in the culinary arts. (If you missed it, you can read that post here.)

So, tonight was the second & final class in this session. We've only worked with cupcakes so far, but tonight we upgraded to cakes! AND we mixed our own icing for them. Up until now we used the premade decorating icing from Wilton, so mixing up our own was a bit of an adventure. I'm a little frightened by the amount of powdered sugar & butter we used. I was exhausted before class even began from making 6 batches of the buttercream!

I probably shouldn't complain...I didn't even bake our cakes! My niece, who was joining us on this adventure, volunteered to make the cakes. She had her own struggles with some of those!

After multiple trips loaded up with our supplies, we barreled into the classroom ready to go.

First,  we leveled and torted our cakes. A well of frosting keeps the filling from escaping.  M filled his turquoise cake with chocolate pudding.

Then, he mixed his icing to frost his cake. He made a beautiful shade of green to represent Easter grass, and covered his entire cake with a nice smooth coat.

We learned a transfer technique to take an image we chose and traced onto the top of the cake with piping gel. M chose an Easter egg design which he then filled in with yellow and blue icing and a star tip.

He continued to use the yellow frosting (good thing we mixed up a bunch!)  to do two different borders...a scalloped edge along the bottom and a leaf tip border around the top. The instructor was great with him and patiently showed him how to do it. I kept having to ask him what I was supposed to do...and he happily provided me with detailed instructions!

Now we have these new skills...we'll need to keep practicing

His cousin & I were right there with him...hard at work!
Proud decorator!

Mommy's finished cake
9 year old's finished product
Cousin's finished cake


  1. I'm so impressed! The cakes look beautiful and so professionally done! I would love to learn how to decorate cakes, maybe I'll take a class. That looks like you had a great time together - and what fun memories for your son.

  2. These are beautiful! I can't imagine making 6 batches of buttercream frosting - I just keep picturing all of the licking! Wonderful job! Happy Easter to all of you decorators!

  3. How fun that you and your son and other family members were able to all come together for this course. If they taste as good as they look you will be all set!

  4. Are there professional ambitions around the corner? A new family business? Even as a fundraiser or special orders considered, could be fun.

  5. Those cakes look great!! I am so impressed!

  6. Those cakes look great!! I am so impressed!