Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Cupcake King - DAY 20 OF THE MARCH SOLSC

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My middle son has decided that "his thing" is culinary arts. He is talking about becoming a chef, opening a cafe or a bakery, and other amazing plans. As soon as he started really talking about this interest, we jumped on it. 

See, my middle boy has always been my "whatever" or "nothing" kid. A common conversation with him is, Question: "What was the best part of ____?" Answer: "Nothing...I liked it all."  He has always liked lots of things, but never really had anything he was truly passionate about (other than video games of course!) His older brother & younger sister both have their "thing", but he never did.

So, I looked into classes. We went shopping. We started watching Food Network again. 

For his 9th birthday (at the end of January), a theme was evident. He got an apron and a cookbook from his aunt and cousin. I gave him a bag full of supplies and signed him up for 2 classes at our local craft store. He did not get a single video game, but he was okay with that.

The first class was a demonstration class...just seeing what it was all about. We learned about some of the products and techniques and were excited to try them out. The second class was a kid's cupcake class where he made these super cute penguin cupcakes. HE LOVED IT!

So, we signed him up for another class! This time the "real" class...the one designed for adults to learn the basics of cake decorating. My adult niece & I signed up to take the class with him, and cupcake mania began! Our decorating supply collection is growing. I think they know me at the store now..."Yes, I'm back again!" 

At 4:00 yesterday, we arrived...loaded down with supplies, materials, and uniced cupcakes...ready to work! Ready to learn. We mixed icing, loaded decorating bags, experimented with different tips and designs, and learned some key "tricks of the trade". We struggled. We concentrated. We made mistakes (aka messed up!).  We laughed. We cringed. We tried again. 

The thing my son did NOT do was complain. He did not cry. Or whine. Or give up. He got frustrated when things were hard for him...but he kept trying. And in the end, we had a dozen cupcakes that we had decorated, and he was happy! 

He didn't look happy during the class...he was focused. The instructor was concerned he was not interested anymore. When I told him that, he was horrified. He loved it. He wants more. 

Luckily we have another class next week. And homework. This time we will mix our own icing and we will tackle full size cakes. I know it will be an adventure. But it is one we can look forward to together.


  1. What a yummy venture! So glad that you are supporting this interest. I can't wait to hear about the outcome of the next class.

  2. My sister took at cake decorating class. Worked as a waitress. Now sells restaurant supplies--she says "food is just a great excuse to buy china." An interest in food can take you many places!

  3. I love how you're doing this together. This is his thing and you are just nurturing the heck out of it! I LOVE it! I can't wait to see what you make next week! :)

  4. So glad to see him so focused! He really was SO into it! And the sheer lack of complaining definitely made that clear! I am so honored to be able to be a part of the class with you two :)

  5. What a fun experience to share. I love how you describe his concentration and dedication to it. Very fun!

  6. How cool to experience this with him! Good for him!!

  7. What a great thing to find something a kid is really interested in. Keep going!

  8. Such a great bonding experience for you and your budding chef! I love how he pushed through the struggle. Keep it up little man!

  9. I loved this slice! What a wonderful learning experience for both you and your son...and what a memory! By the way, the cupcakes look gorgeous and delicious.

  10. I love that your son found a passion. I love watching cooking shows too. I just finished Top Chef. Maybe your son would like to be in cooking competition down the road. Good luck in pursuits. I am glad you are feeding his interests.

  11. How awesome to help him find his passion, and fun for you to all do it together. It will be exciting to see if this is truly the start of something or a kid fad.

  12. Great that he found something he really enjoys and how awesome that you found a way for him to develop in it now. Sounds like a hobby that can make him a popular friend too (if he shares his cupcakes). They look good!