Saturday, March 12, 2016

Out of the Rain DAY 12 OF THE MARCH SOLSC! #SOL16

I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC; #SOL16) 
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We're in a drought...I get that. 

So, we need the rain...I understand. 

I just wish the rain could come when I don't have to be out in it!!

Today, I spent most of my Saturday at a professional learning opportunity. A training...inside a nice warm ballroom. When I left (earlier than scheduled...woohoo!), it had started to rain. I drove almost all the way home in the rain. A light, average rain. Windshield wipers on. A little slower than usual.

I stopped for a quick shopping trip before arriving home. As I finished checking out at the register, I glanced up out the window...

Oh My Goodness!!

THAT WAS NOT RAIN! Sheets of water were falling from the sky. Huge drops were bouncing off the pavement like basketballs. The parking lot looked like a kiddie pool filling with water. Where did this come from?!

I stood on the sidewalk not even wanting to venture out into it. I ran to my car, sloshing through the parking lot, pelted by the water. I was drenched.

Driving home was slow. My windshield wipers could not go fast or strong enough to clear my view. It was crazy. As I arrived home, I had to drive through a small river to get into my driveway.

I gathered all of my things and rushed through the door, just as my husband was telling my son, "Thank goodness, we're in here!" 

Yep. Lucky for them! 

I was soaked...dripping from the downpour.

I could not have been more glad to be out of the rain.


  1. Oh my! I love how you described the rain coming down. That painted a perfect picture for me! :) Hopefully you were able to spend the rest of your day inside, out of the rain.

  2. Such wonderful description. I stood at the edge of that parking lot with you watching sheets of water, huge drops bouncing like basketballs, and the parking lot filling like a kiddie pool. Bravo for braving the elements. This is one of those times when you wonder go now? or will it get better soon?

  3. I went to pick up my son's friend today and it started raining like that. I won the argument about who had to get out and go up to the friend's door, since I could live without the playdate!

  4. I like how you captured the change in the rain - how it started out as no big deal but by the end it was all consuming. Hope you're warm and dry now.