Friday, March 18, 2016


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Tonight begins our Spring Break, so I asked my son what his Spring Break reading plans were. His initial response was, "Nothing."

Heartbreaking! I clearly was not going to accept that! So, I continued on...

I quickly found out that he had left his current read in his desk at school to be unearthed when he returns in a week and a half. UGH!

Okay, take 3! What books would you like to read over break? I began to list some of the many options available to him within arms reach. 

Pretty quickly he chose 3 books, and followed with, "After that I'll decide what to read next if I finish all of those!" Wow! This was taking a positive turn.

Then he asked if his stack was "okay"? He wanted MY approval for his choices?! I quickly explained to him that it didn't matter to me!! My only criteria were that they were books HE wanted to read, that HE was interested in, and that HE chose.

When we went out a little later to run some errands & get some dinner, he was disappointed that I wouldn't let him bring a device, but I told him he could bring a book. He has been reading all night- even asking to bring the book into the restaurant. He's on page 47...and still reading!

YAY for reading plans & reading choice!


  1. yes! your perseverence paid off, and your son is hooked on reading. Happy spring break to both of you.

  2. As a mom and a reading teacher, I am impressed with your focus and tenacity. I'd love to know what book hooked him in after all!