Friday, March 10, 2017

Kids are Sponges! #SOL17 Day 10

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My Kids are sponges!

After school this afternoon I took my son to interview an engineer for a merit badge he's working on for Boy Scouts. I blinked and he was back! He was only inside meeting with her for a total of ten minutes. We thanked her for her time and drove away...and my son proceeded to talk about all he learned from her...for MORE than ten minutes!! He told me every detail with great enthusiasm.

Then we picked up the younger two. My daughter had a fire truck 🚒 come visit school today. She proceeded to tell us every detail of what she learned. And I mean details! She learned all about being a firefighter...which of course now she wants to be! We heard about their uniform, and their tools, and their job...

Then big brother shared what he learned about engineers with them, and I got to hear it all again!!

I love listening to these kids enthuse about what they learn. And I love that they don't give a simple overview, but rather share details upon details letting us know how much they learned, how excited they are to learn, and how much they enjoy sharing it with others.

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  1. It is so great that you spend time listening to your kids. I'm sure they love sharing what they learned with you!