Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Little Maker #SOL17 Day 19

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I frequently refer to my 6 year old as "my little maker".

Because of her creative endeavors, my entire house has turned into a makerspace.

I (half) joke that we need to take out stock in tape, glue, and paper.

Her creativity astounds me. Her willingness to try things is incredible. She has no hesitation. She determines what needs to be made...and ventures out to make it.

She & her brother were playing spy school, but couldn't find the walkie talkies. No worries, she grabbed a piece of paper and proceeded to draw and cut out two walkie talkies for them to continue their game.

We receive frequent requests- I need 6 pieces of paper and 2 pieces of tape. I need 3 pieces of paper and 6 pieces of tape. She will sit for long periods of time working. Folding, cutting, taping or gluing, writing or drawing...until she completes her vision.

My boys were never like this. It's a new adventure for us.

Her latest addition is what we've affectionately named "Kayla's Krafting Korner". (I think we might see a sign created and hung out soon!)

On Friday (St. Patrick's Day), she invited each family member to join her for a directed craft project to create a leprechaun. She gathered & set out materials- just like you would see if you went to a kids art class (which we have NEVER taken her to!!). I was the only willing participant, so class began. She took me through step by step (many of which began, "Take you pencil and...") and I followed her directions as closely as possible. Indeed I ended up with a foam leprechaun.

She has already announced that for Easter she will be providing a session to make our own bunnies. She also asked her brother is he would like to join her for a drawing lesson.

The creative confidence this 6 year old exhibits blows my mind.


  1. Wow! Her "creative confidence" is amazing! I loved reading this!

  2. So many wonderful learner qualities present, no matter what the product (which also sounds like it's top-notch!). What an amazing girl you have!

  3. Sounds like an awesome 6 year old.

  4. This is not surprising at all... I'd be honored to "Kollaborate" with her on a sign..
    if I haven't said it before I love your writings... keep it up.. =)

  5. I am chuckling as she sounds like she is cut from the same cloth as my daughter. They would either have a blast together or drive one another nuts trying to be the creative genius in the pair. :)