Friday, March 31, 2017

Hopes and Plans #SOL17 Day 31

I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC; #SOL17) 
hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Each day for the month of March I will be posting a "Slice of Life". 
Please feel free to stop back and check out my other posts here.

It's the last day of March...the end of the writing challenge...and I did it! I wrote everyday for 31 days, posted my writing on my blog before 9pm, and commented on 3 or more other bloggers' posts each day. I feel like that's not such a big deal & should be commonplace, and a huge accomplishment all at one!

I LOVE the quote on today's call for posts:

This quote epitomizes my hope for all teachers. I see too many teachers who are not living this...I want to live this and hope others can as well.

I feel the need to end this challenge with hopes and plans.  While today is the end of the month & the end of the is really the beginning!

Hopes, Dreams, & Wishes

I wish ALL teachers could experience this challenge. It is my hope for them that they might discover themselves as writers, so that they can become better teachers of writers.

I dream of classrooms everywhere where students can experience the sense of community we had through this challenge. Where they can know themselves as writers, receive authentic feedback and encouragement, and WANT to write each day.

I hope we can find a way to create our students into writers. Not assignment completers, test takers, or grade scorers...but writers! That is what I regret not doing for all of my previous students, what I wish for my own children, and what I will work toward in my future classrooms.

Plans & Intentions

I plan to write!
Maybe not EVERY day. Maybe not to post & share. Maybe not under the wire before 8:59pm. But I plan to write! It is my intention to stick around for SOL Tuesdays at the very least.

Instead of being out of ideas at the end of the month, I feel full of ideas I plan to write about...

  • Feeling conflicted between innovation & fidelity
  • Communities of readers and writers
  • My dream classroom
  • My dream library
  • My dream school
  • Books, books, books
  • Seeds of stories
  • Memories
  • My kids...always more to say there!

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for creating and continuing this Slice of Life Story Challenge. Congratulations on 10 years, I'm glad I could join you for the last two!

And thank you to all of the other slicers- Those who read my posts;  who commented and provided feedback or encouragement as well as those who just read and moved on. Those whose slices I had the privilege to read- for the inspiration, the ideas, the entertainment, the community.  I appreciate you all!

Happy writing...

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