Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Not My Usual After School Haunts #SOL17 Day 7

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Today, "after school" found me of outside my typical routine. It wasn't a Ballet or Scouts day. We bypassed Target, Costco, and the Library. And home was far in the future for me.

After picking my 12 year old up from Middle School, we drove to JDF. The text with him earlier in the day was classic:

ME: You are going to JDF this afternoon after school.
HIM: What is JDF?
ME: Juvenile deterntion
Him: WHAT?!?!?!?

I truly LOLed! I then reminded him of the Boy Scout merit badge he's been working on and the fact that he'd been trying to set this visit up! Oh yeah...gotta love a forgetful 12 year old brain!!

So, we drove to JDF and his dad met us there and took him in for his visit. I had the pleasure of sitting in the parking lot for 45 minutes! When we left, he reported that it was very interesting, he learned a lot, got his questions answered, and NO, he would rather I NOT get a teaching job there!!

After picking up the other kids, grabbing a quick dinner, and dropping them off at home with Daddy, we set off to our local City Council Meeting. Yep...another merit badge...another part of our community to explore. So, that's where I've been for the past 90 minutes. It was riveting!! Well, not really, but it wasn't too terrible...and I know it could have been way worse!

So now we are approaching "past bedtime" and I have just gotten home. Need to blog. Laundry. Showers. Finish up homework. Charge school devices. Prepare for school tomorrow. Relax?! Sleep...

I'm not thrilled to have lost one of the few evenings I should have had time at home. The next few nights are busy with our usual activities. But, I'm glad to be able to support my son in his endeavors. And to spend quality time with him in these experiences. I know it means a lot to him that we take this time for him.

So, it is worth it.

But the laundry is still not done!!

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